Wellness Center is Open!

Casselton's community wellness center is now open.  Facility hours are 4:30 AM to midnight seven days a week.

2018 Membership Fees:

Single Adult (18+)          $20/Month     $200/Yearly**

Dual (1 Household)         $30/Month     $300/Yearly**

Family (1 Household)      $35/Month     $350/Yearly**

Senior (60+)                  $10/Month     $100/Yearly**

Student (9th-12th Grade)  $10/Yearly     (12th grade Students:  Your key FOB will become inactive the day after graduation.  All others will renew annually.)

**Purchase your Membership annually and get TWO Months Free!!!

Memberships can be purchased online by clicking the On-Line Registration tab on the main menu of this website.  You can also contact the Parks & Rec office at 347-5386.   Key FOBs will be issued from the Parks & Rec Office during business hours.  For those interested in monthly memberships, you may purchase your first month on-line but please contact our office for additional options.

Locker rooms are available Monday thru Friday from 4:30 AM to 7 AM and 5 PM-Midnight.  On Saturdays and Sundays, they are available 4:30 AM to Midnight.  There will be NO access to lockers rooms during a school athletic function (games or tournaments).  Individual lockers are not available.

Your Wellness Center membership only allows you access to the Wellness Center.  Access to the gyms or other areas of the school will not be allowed.

The Wellness Center is not participating in any insurance/healthcare discounts or programs.

Students Grades 9th-12th:  Hours are 4:30AM-10PM.  Students must have a workout buddy with them when using the Wellness Center.  This person must be a member.  If your student is a part of a weight class or summer weights, they do not need to be members of the Wellness Center for these programs.  It is only needed if they would like access to the Wellness Center outside of these programs.

Students 8th grade & under will not be issued a key FOB and must have a parent or guardian with them while they are in the Wellness Center.

One key FOB will be issued for each membership.  Additional key FOBs may be purchased for a one time $10 fee.  Each Student member (grade 9-12) will be issued their own key FOB.  

If you lose your key FOB, please notify the Parks Office immediately to have your FOB deactivated.  You will be asked to purchase a replacement FOB for a one time fee of $10.

Any questions regarding the Wellness Center can be directed to the Parks & Rec Office at 347-5386.